(English) How to Build Company Financial Reporting Dashboard with Google Data Studio - Grow Your Business with Data & Business Intelligence Webinar Series

Training Duration : 3 hours 52 minutes

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Everything you need to know about How to Build Company Financial Reporting Dashboard with Google Data Studio

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Webinar Outline
  1. Introduction of workshop flow
    • What is Google Data Studio?
    • Benefits of Google Data Studio
  2. How to start using Google Data Studio?
    • Get your data set ready
    • Connect your data
    • Themes & layout
  3. Creating P&L report
    • Header, text, linking pages, report level
    • Time series chart
    • Date control filter
    • Net profit margin: Creating fields from existing ones
    • Control filter by branch
    • Score cards
  4. Revenue analysis
    • Duplicate page
    • Table with bars
    • Area chart
    • Pivot table
    • Pie chart & end of revenue analysis
  5. Expense analysis
    • Adding data to Google Sheets
    • Refreshing fields in Google Data Studio
    • Time series chart with 2 metrics (represent CGS and operating expenses)
    • Linking pages
  6. Balance sheet
    • Overview of charts that can be used and review of previous concepts (data adding, refreshing fields)
    • Pie chart with optional metrics
  7. Asset analysis
    • Overview of asset analysis report
  8. Cash Flow Statement
    • Overview of cash flow statement
    • Time series chart with breakdown by branch
  9. Part 7: Accounts Receivables Aging Dashboard
    • Purpose: record that shows the unpaid invoice balances along with the duration for which they’ve been outstanding. This report helps businesses identify invoices that are open and allows them to keep on top of slow paying clients.
    • Data, header, score card
    • Aging analysis using combo chart
    • Receivables maturity & delayed receivables
    • Complete report using table, pagination
  10. Overview of completed report
  11. Conclusion

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  20210617 How to Build Company Financial Reporting Dashboard with Google Data Studio
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