Introduction & Preview & Chatlog


Latest Updates on MFRS 9

Date & Time : Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 9:00am - 1:00pm

9:00am - 10:00am Free Session

10:15am - 1.00pm Paid Session


MFRS 139 has been very much criticised as being rules-based, complex and thus difficult to understand. Further, there were opinions that the incurred loss model under MFRS 139 results in late recognition of impairment loss. Accordingly, MFRS 9 was brought in to replace MFRS 139 that provides for a revised way of classifying and measuring financial assets, forward-looking expected loss model and reformed approach towards hedge accounting.

Overall, this training seeks to provide the participants with high level coverage of the essentials of MFRS 9, the challenges that are likely to come and the preparations that may be required.


  • Explain the new technical requirements of MFRS 9
  • Discuss the challenges and impacts that businesses are likely to face in respect of MFRS 9
  • Brief coverage of areas for review and preparation in businesses

Who Should Attend

  • Directors
  • Senior Accountants
  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Managers
  • Accounts executive

Workshop Methodology

Intuitive & enthusiastic classroom-style workshop with PowerPoint presentations, active/ proactive sessions, real case study with illustrations, and Q&A session

Outline of session: MFRS 9

  • Main differences between MFRS 139 and MFRS 9
  • Basics of MFRS 9
  • Terms and basis of measurement
  • Classification and measurement of financial assets
  • Impairment
  • Credit risk and credit loss
  • Hedge accounting

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