Preview & Introduction

Date of Live Webinar: 30 Jun 2018

Li Chen is a Professional Chartered Secretary who provides highly technical training to Company Secretaries in Malaysia ...

However, I am not a professional. Whenever I feel like it, I will sot sot dei sing song in our LIVE webinar ...

Life Is Too Short, Do What Makes Us Happy !


We successfully completed our live webinar on The Competent Company Secretary: Best Practices of Corporate Secretary under CA2016

All these while, Li Chen needs to travel 45 mins from her place to my house every-time for webinar.

I felt not so nice lor... So, for this webinar, I suggested to go over to a cafe near her house ...


We host our webinar at a beautiful cafe in Desa Park City called Anther & Stigma Cafe ...

Our lunch was a combination of healthy and unhealthy food.

Our webinar is also a combination of serious training and entertainment.

When we have same frequency with our partners, we can work very well together for a very long time

Our collaboration have created many fantastic webinars for Company Secretaries in Malaysia