(English) CAPITAL REDUCTION: Concept + Process + Samples & Templates + Online Cloud Automation Digital Tools by Mah Li Chen (MAICSA Chartered Secretary)

Training Duration : 3 Hours 43 Minutes

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We are launching a Sample & Template crowd sourcing community project.
We will be gathering Samples & Templates from the community, then Li Chen and the community will comment on them on how to improve and we will share back the outcome to the community.
If you got any procedures, write up, samples or templates to share, do upload them here in this Google Form.

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Everything you need to know about Procedure & Sample Resolution on Capital Reduction: Concept + Process + Samples & Templates + Online Cloud Automation Digital Tools.

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Webinar Outline
Audience Profile
Google Form Survey - Crowd Sourcing for Samples
Webinar Outline
Concept + Process
1. Alternative Procedures for the Reduction of Capital
- Purpose to conduct Solvency Test
- 2 ways to Reduce Share Capital
* Special Resolution and confirmation from court
* Special Resolution passed by members and solvency statement by the directors
2. Reduction of Capital by Court - S116
- Three Purposes to Reduce Capital
- Step by Step Process to Reduce Capital - S116
- Entitled creditors under s116(2)
- Priority of Claims in Insolvency and Proceeds of Realised Assets
* Preferential Debt S527 of CA2016
* Fixed Charge Creditors
* Floating Charge Creditors
* Unsecured Creditors
* Shareholders
3. Reduction of Capital by Private or Public Company
- Requirements for special resolution
- Solvency requirements
- Exemption for solvency requirement
4. Step by Step Procedure to Pass Special Resolution for the Reduction of Capital for Private and Public Company - S117
- For Private Company under Section 117(5)
- For Public Company under Section 117(6)
- Contravention Of Section 117(5) and (6)
- Publication: Notice of Reduction of Capital
Samples & Templates
- Sample & Template Constitution Clause on Alteration of Capital
- Sample & Template Resolution (1) - S117
- Sample & Template1(a) - S117 Procedures of reduction of share capital
- Sample & Template1(b) - S117 Solvency statement
- Sample & Template1(c) - S117 MWR
- Sample & Template1(d) - S117 Lodgment to LHDN

Sample & Template- S113 Solvency Statement
Sample & Template Resolution 2(a) - S116
- Sample & Template2(b) - S116 Notice
- Sample & Template3(a) - EGM Notice
- Sample & Template3(b) - EGM Minutes

Digital Tools
How To Customize Own Capital Reduction: document tracking and management system
- Interactive checklist look through/functions
- Merge Cells and insert link
- Normal Drop Down List
- Grouping and naming data for dependent drop down list
- Dependent drop down list
- Percentage lookup
- Conditional formatting for percentage colour
- Date Calendar clicker
Briefing on Answer to Quiz Question
Interactive Q&A Session

Your Instructor

Mah Li Chen (MAICSA Chartered Secretary)
Mah Li Chen (MAICSA Chartered Secretary)
  • Chartered Secretary
  • Member of Technical and Professional Practice Committee
  • Practising Certificate Committee of MAICSA

Mah Li Chen graduated with the ICSA qualification on 27 September 1995. She has since completed her LLB with Honours in 2003 from the University of London.

She is a Chartered Secretary by profession with more than 20 years of working experience in mainstream corporate secretarial work. She has been speaking on various topics relating to the Proposed Companies Bill 2015, Companies Act 2016, corporate secretarial practice, corporate governance and listing requirements for MAICSA, Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Federation of Public Listed Companies.
Malaysia Institute of Accountants (“MIA”) and several other professional bodies as well as in-house seminars for a number of companies.

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