👉🏻 Click here to Download Mini Flowchart: S206 (4) of CA2016 Removal of Directors under Companies Act 2016

How do you explain Company Law to a layman director, shareholder or your staff who are blur blur about Companies Act 2016 ?

Answer to effective communication is via flowchart & process / procedure mapping & design thinking & storytelling.

In today's post, we shall start baby step by scooping out S206 (4) of CA2016 Notwithstanding paragraph (1) (b), if a director of a public company was appointed to represent the interest of any particular class of shareholders or debenture holders, the resolution to remove the director shall not take effect until the director's successor has been appointed. This area of knowledge is too wide and deep.

It requires collaboration of engineering, system, logical thinking, data intelligence & visual storytelling skills.

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