I don't hide behind big company or big brand and 狐假虎威.

Like the Girl in Spider's Web, I enjoy working alone. All we wanted is to help solve people's problem .

Carrying a laptop bag and unbranded rattan bag, like a student, quietly sitting here and sending this email to you to inform you that I had released 3 more NEW sponsored webinars

Recently, I had personal experience of real life oppression. I can now fully understand the pain and how people feel when they are in that situation. So, my new sponsored webinar released today is to about DISPUTE.

The 3 NEW sponsored webinars this week are as below:

* Click here to Enrol for How to Resolve Boardroom Tussle: Shareholders’/ Directors’ Dispute Resolution

* Click here to Enrol for Inheritance TAX & Planning 遗产税与规划

* Click here to Enrol for 5 Smart Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs

So far, in total, there are 14 sponsored FREE Webinars

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Happy Friday !